Thursday, 18th June, 2020

[Day 94]

After the intense rain that we had last night, the day was still blustery and showery. I spent some time amending my Waitrose order which is due to be delivered on Sunday and, in the meantime, we have had a letter from Waitrose informing us that we are on their priority list (which is good to hear) but it might take 10 days for the account details to be updated. Hopefully, I will get into a pattern so when I have one order delivered, then I need to be about two orders ahead to keep everything flowing at approximately weekly intervals. I went for the newspapers on my own today but took the opportunity to have a quick ‘whiz’ round Waitrose where I renewed acquaintances with some of the old regulars in the staff. I needed to buy some chocolates as a birthday ‘prezzie’ for a friend and 1 or 2 other essentials that had been forgotten about in the rush. Then when I got home I had to hunt around for some present wrapping paper (avoiding anything that had Christmas bells all over it, of which I seemed to have an excess!) Then a traditional curry at lunchtime, appropriate when the day is a bit on the cool side.

As the weather had evidently changed, this was a good opportunity to go through a pile of newspapers, seeking out an article I thought I had read days ago. Needless to say, I didn’t find so I resolve that whenever I see anything that is to be kept, I do it that night before the newspaper is jettisoned. Reading my emails this evening was quite interesting in that some businesses are evidently reaching out to try and establish a more normal trading relationship. My yoga class which I was attending more and more sporadically before the lockdown is now turning itself into a little shop and supplies centre and hoping to resume classes of about 4 or so in a week’s time, so I must have a long hard think whether to attend or not (I think I probably need to). Also the National Trust are opening up their gardens (although not the interior of their houses) but are running a series of timed slots for which you have to book in advance so that they know when to expect you and the overall numbers can be socially destined and kept manageable.

I do not normally comment on TV programmes that I have watched but today is an exception. I have just watched the first episode (0f 4) of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles and it remains fresh in my memory because I re-read the book quite recently whilst on holiday in Salobreña, Southern Spain (the hotel had a little library of books for the guests and the Hardy was well worth reading) I have to say that the acting and the cinematography are both superb and I was thoroughly absorbed for the hour it was on. A regular treat each Thursday night for the next three weeks.

It is interesting that quite a lot of attention is being paid to the question of how life will be changed once the immediate crisis of the pandemic is passed. One of the most interesting comments I have read suggests “What we have now is an opportunity, and we have two options of what we can do with it: one is to pick up the pieces and try to put them together as they were before. But the other option is to assemble the pieces in a different and smarter way.” This does mirror my own feelings as it almost feels as though we are pressing the ‘reset’ button and starting all over again. I have to say that having got into the habit of online shopping, this is one particular change in my lifestyle which I think will continue. And although we dare not think about it too deeply, it may well be that in a week or so we might be in a position to think about a holiday in Spain to see our dearest Spanish friends (and see how other societies are coping with the crisis as well)