Wednesday, 29th March, 2023

[Day 1108]

This was one of those days with its fair degree of frustrations but everything worked out OK in the end. When I got up this morning, I knew that I needed to make a doctor’s appointment to review medications for myself and also for Meg. I really wanted a face-to-face appointment and remonstrated with the receptionist who would only offer me a telephone consultation and, only then, at the doctor’s discretion, could I have a face-to-face consultation. I was unhappy about this and went on the net to see if I could demand a face-to-face consultation. I found out that when Matt Hancock was Health Secretary at the height of the pandemic, he had ordered all doctors’ surgeries to only offer telephone consultations and this practice has continued after the pandemic. Apparently the government and the healh service chiefs are reported to be ‘very worried’ about the difficulty of not getting face-to-face consultations and not without cause as there have been one or two celebrated cases of misdiagnosis over the phone. Having accepted a telephone conversation, the phone rang when I had just got into the shower but as I emerged and got to the phone before the ring tone had ceased and I was still too late. I suspected that this would really mess up my morning because Meg and I would probably have to stay near a phone all the morning and I suspected that we had gone from the front of the queue to the back. In the event, the phone rang again after about half an hour and we got one of the doctors from the practice that I did not know and I could not remember whether a fellow patient at the practice had not had a good experience with her. However the consultation went pretty well. Meg is going to be put on to two types of medication that may suit her a lot better – the doctor indicated that she thought the existing medication prescribed by one of her fellow GPs was not very suitable. Then having got Meg sorted out it was my turn and I managed to get some reassurances after my routine investigation last Thursday. So at the end of the morning, we felt not displeased with the outcome. As the morning had advanced somewhat by now and weather outside was raining fairly hard, we decided to cut our losses and pay a quick visit to Droitwich which is only eight miles down the road. This was fine and we enjoyed our usual coffee and toasted teacake before visitng the charity shop next door. The only thing that attracted our attention was their collection of CDs which were being sold off for 50p apiece. I had a spare £2 coin so I selected four classical CDs that were all recorded by very good artists and I looked forward to playing them later. The only thing to mar my enjoyment was that I was looking forward to playing a world class rendition of a Chopin piano concerto only to discover that there was no CD inside the case. I often find that a CD case has gone missing somewhere so I am not unhappy about now having an extra one. We then turned our attention to the Wilko hardware store where I can be relied upon to buy something I did not know I needed until I saw it in the store. Then it was a case of getting home and having a delayed lunch of beef, carrots and sprouts.

There are a couple of interesting stories about the Royal Family whose affairs, I must admit, I do not follow at all. But apparently on a recent walkabout when asked whether Harry would attend the coronation of Charles III, he is heard to reply that ‘it would be nice’ At the same time, some new stamps are being released with the King’s portrait and this breaks with tradition by showing the monarch uncrowned. These are just two tiny little straws in the wind, but perhaps they are an indication that the King wants to start his reign by having a coronation that unites rather than divides the family. The portrait on the stamp reflects the fact that Charles had expressed a desire that any portrait should be ‘simple’ i.e. without the evident symbols and trappings of monarchy.

This afternoon, Meg and I were enjoying listening to the CDs which we had just purchased when into our lounge sauntered Miggles, our local adopted cat. She wandered across the room to greet us as though this was the most natural thing in the world. I then realised that we had opened the kitchen window a little as we were cooking sprouts for lunch and although I take some culinary precautions to ensure that a ‘sprouty’ smell does not invade the house, I had evidently not closed the window. Miggles, who is however the optimist as far as titbits are concerned as well as opportunistic, had evidently jumped up though the slightly open kitchen window and then made himself at home. Naturally, the cat was soon shooed outside but when I had to venture out of the house to drag the dustbins to the end of our little private road (a weekly chore), the cat observed my moves and followed me back to the house, no doubt hoping to repeat the past little adventure.