Tuesday, 5th December, 2023

[Day 1359]

We always look forward to Tuesdays as it is the day when we meet up with our friends in the Waitrose cafeteria. But first, I had a little delight in store for myself. When Meg and I were out on the road in Bromsgrove High Street nearly a week ago, I popped by chance into the AgeUK furniture shop where they had on display a rather magnificent ivory leather traditional armchair. This was even been offered at a price which had been reduced but, with Meg’s concurrence, we decided to go ahead and buy this because Meg has a very wonderful, and comfortable, leather armchair which is very snug and inherited from my son but my own seating arrangements have hitherto been considerably less comfortable. So the new armchair was delivered yesterday and I gave it a quick dose of renovating polish, of which I still have a supply. I did up-end the chair and discovered it is an Italian make of chair by a firm with the name of Rosini (one ‘s’ which seems a little unusual) Consulting the web, I discovered that new models sold by this manufacturer have a guide price of $720 and the chair I have just purchased looks in practically brand new condition. But having renovated it last night, I did not actually start to use it until this morning and I must say that I am more than delighted with our purchase. It fits well into our colour scheme, is superbly comfortable and fulfills all of the needs that I could ever wish for it. It is not a reclining model but this is of no consequence but from my reading on the web, it is evident that the materials used in its construction really are of the highest quality with some small but extremely stlish wood trim and leather that looks as though it has hardly had much wear at all. So this completes the furnishing of our Music Room because I can think of nothing else that I either want or need to make everything complete.

This morning after a disturbed night, I needed to write a Web-based application form to request a telephone conversation with the doctor to discuss Meg’s condition – after several abortive attempts at establishing contact, I eventually got a phone call from a GP at about 6.00pm tbhis evening. The advice was not particularly helpful given the scale of the problems that Meg (and I) are facing but in the short term I have been used to double the low initial dose of some medication and to write a long email to the social worker who is looking after us to explain in detail what our current circumstancs happen to be. On a happier note, when we eventually got to Waitrose this morning after an attenuated night’s sleep, one of our number had a bowls match and another an appointment with an occupational therapist this morning but we were delighted to spend some happy time with the third member of our little group. She had very kindly acquired for me the contact details of an ouuteach organiser at the Methodist Centre who is trying to establish a supportive club each Thursday mornimg. I need to write to her giving her our full support and indicating that if she were to be successful, we would be enthusiastic and regular patrons of any new service. We shall see our friend again on Saturday, all being well. Later on this morning, one of the care workers detailed to call around to release me to undertake some Pilates showed up. She happened to be the fifth different face we have seem on five occasions but today I felt too tired and worn out to actually undertake any Pilates so I stayed with her and Meg during her two hour stay. It turned out that she orginally from Peru and as our son had spent a year at a Mexican university, we developed a range of some interesting conversations. My Spanish, which I have not had the opportunity to speak for quite some time, came back so we had some intereting little conversations some in English and some in Spanish and Meg managed to contribute to this when her memory recalled the words. So whether we shall see this person again is an interesting question but it did make the two hours actually fly by, particularly as I needed to stay close to my mobile to get a telephone consultation phone call which seemed to quickly go to voicemail after only two or three rings which was frustrating in the extreme.

Later on in the afternoon, Meg and I delved into Amazon Prime and we started to watch the David Lean production of ‘Passage to India‘ This had a stellar cast but we decided not to watch the whole of it in one go but rather split it into two halves. So at what we hope to be an appropriate juncture, we exited our viewing and hopefully will pick up the rest of it in a day or so. The cinematography and views of India are stupendous and we found that this film actually absorbed us for much of the later afternoon. We then caught up a little on the Sky News current affairs transmission before we start to have our evening spot of a light tea and then a viewing of the Sky News Sophie Ridge program of the Politics Hub which we enjoy each day and watch for as long as we can before it is time to think of our bedtime preparations for Meg which often take about an hour.