Monday, 2nd November, 2020

[Day 231]

Today was the kind of day for which the word ‘blustery’ might have been invented. The weather was a little on the cool side and there seemed to be the threat of a shower but fortunately we missed out on that. On the other hand, a fairly keen wind was doing its November job of stripping leaves off the trees and depositing them on pavements – which both children and young dogs loved to romp through. We were a little later than we should have been because we had to make, and receive, a series of telephone calls in the morning. In theory, we should be picking up a new car on Friday but of course Lockdown Mark II has intervened. We originally arranged with the garage to pick up the new car two days early if we could, on Wednesday. However, our existing lease runs on until Thursday and for a reason I cannot really discern, it could not by replaced by a new one (but if it had run out out on Wednesday, all would have been have OK) Anyway, the garage is undertaking various enquiries as to exactly what business can be transacted at the start of the lockdown in a case such as ours but if the worst comes to the absolute worst, we shall have to wait until the end of the lockdown (whenever that is) to pick up the new car.

We got back home fairly late this morning and had the roast we would have had at the weekend if we had not gone out for a meal. Then we kept an eye open on the weather because we knew that one day this week, our lawns needed their final cut of the season. We were aware that other things were likely to mess up our afternoons a little this week (Pilates on Tuesday, election watching on Wednesday, possible car transactions on Thursday or Friday) so we decided to take the ‘bull by the horns’ and get the lawns cut this afternoon. So far, so good – the grass turned out to be quite thick so a last cut was certainly needed. However, the last cut of the season is a bit special, as I like to run the petrol down to completely empty to ensure that there is no residual petrol hanging around in the system. This means that although I deliberately put no extra petrol in the tank this afternoon, when the mowing was completed I was marching up and down my lawn, complete with mower shouting at it ‘Die! Die!‘ which it resolutely failed to do for about half an hour, by which time it was completely dark. I remember vaguely that in these once-a-year a year type of jobs, I really needed to start at 2.15 rather than 3.15.This is because the clocks went back last weekend, which meant that by the time that engine had ‘died’ it was completely dark. I then had to empty the oil (not an easy task) by the light of the patio light and give the mower its end-of-season cleanup as I do not want to store it for months on end with layers of encrusted mud and grass under the mower hood. I managed to finish all of this little lot at 5.45 being a bit cold and tired and dying for a warming cup of tea! But at least, the job is now done until March 25th (my son’s birthday and the date at which I traditionally make the first cut of the new season)

Today is the last day of electioneering in the American presidential elections. Donald Trump knows that approx two thirds of the electorate have already voted and perhaps a majority of these votes will be Democrat and therefore the people who vote ‘in person’ tomorrow will be predominantly Republican. So Trump is suggesting that all counting should finish ‘on the evening of the election’ (i.e. when a majority of the vote is likely to be Republican) when he will declare himself elected. He will then rely upon ‘an army of lawyers’ to attempt to invalidate the 50-60% of the uncounted vote (not to mention a variety of courts including the newly Republican-packed Supreme Court). This is so outrageous a suggestion that all of the Main Street media have said that if Trump does such a thing, they will all collectively refuse to report Trumps claim. By the way, didn’t Hitler come to power ‘democratically’ – I must check up on my history to see if there are any historical parallels? I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a long night, unless of course, Florida goes to Biden quite quickly (unlikely, but not impossible) and some other states follow. Not long to go now – but I am not opening my first bottle of beer until the Democrats have won at least one or two of the swing states!