Thursday, 5th May 2022

[Day 780]

Thursday is my shopping day but I departed early so that I can make a flying visit into the adjacent Morrison's supermarket which is practically next door. I was pretty sure that they would stock the Beet juice that I wanted (but our local Asda was out of stock). I availed myself of a couple of cartons and at my normal rate of consumption, that should last me for a couple of weeks. When I eventually got home, I checked whether I could get it online to save me a lot of traipsing around and indeed I can, so I think I will do that in future. I completed my Aldi shopping getting everything I wanted and was pleased to be able to buy one of those chickens that you roast completely in its own bag, just popping it into the oven for the relevant amount of time. I have found in the past that this saves so much time and hassle so that is destined for our Sunday roast. When I got home, I unpacked the shopping but Meg was not feeling too well so was spending some extra time in bed whilst I occupied myself with other tasks. I had intended to go off to the Domestic Refuse facility ('the tip') in order to dispose of my final garden bag of plants clippings but I just filled up my brown bin (only emptied this morning), judging that I could better use of my time and money than making a round trip to dispose of one bag full of rubbish. A second task in which I was engaged was attempting to get a really accurate measure of my height, so that I can feed them into my BMI (Body Mass Index) calculations. This is quite difficult to do on one's own. It is easy to get a measure of your height when lying down - I tend to use an empty shoe box as a 'top' marker and then measure the distance from the skirting board to the shoebox. But your height is different by quite an amount when you measure yourself standing up. Each vertebrae compresses very slightly but the cumulative effect is to make a difference of about ½" - and even this amount can vary during the day. Using the shoebox method on the top of one's head, followed by a pencil mark and subsequent measurement with a tape measure, I think I have lost about 3.6cm (1.4") over the last four years. I know that I had a really accurate measure of my height just before I was in hospital some four years ago now but I thought as I am now in a measuring of BMI mode again, I would try and get a really up-to-date and accurate measure. I think I might enlist the assistance of my domestic help tomorrow as an extra pair of hands and eyes to make my measurements accurate to the millimetre.

This afternoon was quite a fine afternoon. Just before lunch, I managed to get my lawn edges a quick whizz with my manual mower before the main cut with the petrol mower tomorrow. This afternoon, I really wanted to get a big pebble-dressed circular bed weeded and tidied up and this job too was satisfying to get done of the day. Meg and I enjoyed a bit of late afternoon sunshine after I had flashed a cleaning sponge over the outside table and chairs and the day's gardening quota had been completed.

Today is Election Day and of course nothing really kicks off until about 11.00pm this evening. Nonetheless, being a self-confessed election junkie. I thought I would get myself prepared in the traditional fashion. I have bought today a bottle of Newcastle Brown and some bottles of a particularly good low alcohol lager which I used to buy from Waitrose but was being sold in Morrisons. I have a strategy in place to consume this alcohol as the election results trickle in. If it appears that the parties that I support or doing somewhat less well than the pundits predict, I shall open the good low alcohol lager. On the other hand, if the results are just about what we would anticipate, then I enjoy a can of low-alcohol Guinness that I happened to have in stock. But if the results are much better than predicted, then I shall go the whole hog and drink the bottle of Newcastle Brown bought for such an occasion as this.

The Bank of England interest rate was raised to 1% today and there are predictions of more rises to come. But there is also a prediction that inflation will exceed 10% in the year ahead and the economy as a whole may contract by ¼%. The present generation has never known such economic pain before. The reasons for this are put to a combination of the Ukrainian war, the rising fuel prices and the aftermath of the pandemic. Strange that Brexit does not get a mention, though, isn't it?