Monday, 16th May, 2022]

[Day 791

Today was one of those ‘sorting out’ days when I knew there was quite a lot to be done. Before I went down into town, I phoned up my Internet provider who had sent me a text to say that a payment (by direct debit) had not been made this month. So I made a phone call and when I got through to a human being, he could not access my account. All he could suggest was that I abandoned the call and get another operator who might be able to access my account. This I did and whilst the more helpful operator was consulting with colleagues, I discovered that a direct debit had indeed been taken about two days ago. So the internet provider apologised for their systems saying I was both up-to-date and also overdue. In the course of all of this, I rediscovered the new password I had been given and this worked as well. So at least, I was not in danger of being disconnected for non-payment (which happened about a month ago) I then went down into town to my branch bank bevause I needed some cash to pay my dues to the patio cleaning crew. This was quite helpful because they upped the limit on the amount of cash I can withdraw in branch and this might be more than useful to me. Whilst on the High Street, I managed to get some cosmetics of which Meg was in need and also did a quick whizz through Poundland where I bought a small tarpaulin for £1.00 (always useful) and some potting compost as I have some little pots that are crying out to have some seeds planted in them which I will germinate on a window sill. Then it was home to prepare a lightning lunch before our chiropodist called around at 2.00 to do our feet so that we can keep on going for hundreds or thousands more miles yet. After the chiropodist had finished with us, I got onto our internet provider because they are offering a deal which include my landline with the retained number at a price which is actually less than I am paying at the moment. If all works as intended, I can dispense with my BT account (and associated payment) and all of that ought to be taken care of automatically, so they say. All that I can say is that I believe all of this when I see it but at least that is what I have been promised.

After we had our afternoon cup of tea, I set myself the task of starting to do a cleanup of the various bits of garden furniture that had got splattered by the cleaning process yesterday. This turned out to be quite a messy job but I made a start by cleaning up the various wheelie bins that had been stored temprarily on the lawn. I got through about half the entire job but I can always finish off tomorrow. Last night we had evidently had quite a downpour and this had loosened a certain anount of moss that had fallen in some clumps onto the newly cleaned patio. I remedied this with a quick sweeping up job and this has stopped the moss from causing a mess on the newly restored surface. However, a longer term solution is required to remove this moss, preferably on a continual basis so I had a bit of a think as to what to do. Our dormer bungalow has a roof that is relatively accessible from ground level so I went on the internet and ordered from Robert Dyas a special brush which has a specially extensible three metre handle. I am pretty sure this will facilitate the removal of most of this moss and I will then find another solution for what I cannot reach. Quite fortuitously, I had bought a tarpaulin from Poundland for £1.00 and at this price I can buy one or two more which should help to protect the newly cleaned patio surface before the moss comes down. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating, as they say.

After our trip up to Bolton yesterday, we have had an exchange of emails in which we each thanked the other for the wonderful day we had yesterday. Meg and I were in the state of preparing ourselves for another reunion, this time with ex De Montfort University, Leicester colleagues that had been organised for Wednesday. But fate has intervened and the mother of one of the party has passed away at the ripe old age of 98. So we have had to put this particular reunion in Leamington Spa on hold for the time being until we can all find another mutually acceptable date. We were looking forward to discussing the political situation both here and also in France (where two of our friends have another residence) but by the time we meet, there may be even more to discuss.