Saturday, 9th July, 2022

[Day 845]

Today dawned as another beautiful fine day so we are, no doubt, going to enjoy a heatwave over the next few days. We did not hurry ourselves this morning but instead breakfasted on an egg and some beet juice which is our new formula for a healthy and sustaining breakfast. When we had got ourselves turned around, we went by car to collect the Saturday newspaper and then on to the park to have our elevenses. We were soon joined by Seasoned World Traveller and we continued our discussions as to the next way ahead in the Conservative party elections for leader. What is interesting about these occasions is the way in which former allies turn on each other with a vengeance. A case in point is Rishi Sunak who was quickly out of the blocks wih an extremely slick, some would say too slick, campaign video which showed evidence of some serious professional attention, not to say money behind it all. No. 10 have started attacking the candidature of Rishi Sunak – surely, it ought to be the role of No. 10 to keep their heads down and not interfere with the normal processes of the election of a successor.

As we had had a fairly early lunch, this gave me some time to get the lawns cut this afternoon. By the time I had nearly finished the big grassed area, my next door neighbour came out to have a chat. Like us, he had been having some problems getting his broadband supply sorted out. In his case, he had been struggling for hours with his supplier who was now trying to charge him an outragous price now that his initial ‘sweetener’ deal had expired. Apparently, he had been on the phone for hours trying to secure a deal which meant he did not have to change supplier and gave him more or less the servive he was getting at the moment and at a similar price. We commiserated with each other as we still have to wait a week until our own comms problems start to be sorted out and who knows what a week on Monday might bring. After that, we discussed with a certain amount of glee what had been happening with Boris Johnson having to relinquish leadership of the Tory party. Occasionally, Meg and I listen to the programme on Radio 4 called ‘Any Questions’ where members of the audience ask questions of a panel broadly representing the range of political opinion. But in today’s broadcast, the Conservative member of the panel was Rees-Mogg who was defending Boris Johnson to the hilt although the other three members were critical of him (incidentally, this probably reflects the state of opinion in the country as a whole) But the audience from Dorset completely howled down Rees-Mogg which I am sure he was not expecting from that part of the world. The BBC normally tries to get ‘balanced’ audiences and it is possible that the Liberal Democrats had managed to smuggle of lot of their own supporters into the programme. But I suspect that echelons of the Tory Party have no idea how much they are loathed in much of the country as, until recently, members of the cabinet had supported a regime of lies, lies, and lies again. Eventually, as we now know, members of the cabinet who had been briefed to go onto the airways and lie on Johnson’s behalf revolted and the rest, as they say, is history.

Next week, a concert of popular classics is going to be put on in our regular church. So instead of attending for a service ay 6.00pm we shall turn up for a concert at 3.00pm after which there will be a bunfight in the church hall and then the normal Saturday service will start at 6.00pm. Meg and I will be well prepared, having gone to a concert recently in the Bromsgrove’s largest Anglican church, so we know to take along cushions to provide a softer surface than the normal church bench on which we will be sitting for hours. I am looking forward to the coming week because having had Wimbledon dominating BBc1 and BBC2 for hours and hours most nights, I will be glad to see the back of it. In its place, we should get the Proms (Promenade Concerts) broadcast on BBC4 and BBC2 from about Friday night onwards. The Proms always puts on some newish or experimental work and I haven’t seen any advance information on this year’s offerings but we shall soon see. We haven’t coincided with our Irish friends for quite some time what with one thing or another so we may drop by and wave from outside the house to let them know that we are still alive! As always, we are looking forward to the kinds of analysis of political events provided by the Sunday Times as we are likely to get a blow-by-blow account of what eventually persuaded Boris Johnson after all of his bluster that the game was up.